I am a metal sculptor who spent more than 40 years caring for patients in my pursuit of medicine. I have now undergone a metamorphosis from caring to creating. Working in both mild and stainless steel, I am now creating metal sculptures, for placement indoors and outdoors.I begin the process with a mental vision of a shape, a form, or a structure.Then I put this initial concept to paper in the form of a drawing or a sketch, often done in perspective, followed by creating a small scale model as a guide for fabricating the final work. The final step in the process involves cutting the steel into appropriate sizes and shapes, welding them together, grinding down the welds and then painting or polishing, depending on the material used. Each piece takes many hundreds of hours to go from the initial workings to the final product. The geometry, the symmetry, the asymmetry, the negative space, as well as the size of my sculptures create a dramatic and satisfying experience. Commissions accepted. Prices on request.

Monday, August 25, 2014

AMOEBA  (29 x 27 x 24)  

No continuity, no constant shape, irregular surfaces and irregular edges are what you see when you look at Amoeba under the microspcope. Working on and in the surfaces of the steel give a different message and sense when compared to more regular surfaces. A sense of change; a sense of age; a sense of continuation; a message from the past to the future.


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