Binder Doc Sculpture


I am a metal sculptor who spent more than 40 years caring for patients in my pursuit of medicine. I have now undergone a metamorphosis from caring to creating. Working in both mild and stainless steel, I am now creating metal sculptures, for placement indoors and outdoors.I begin the process with a mental vision of a shape, a form, or a structure.Then I put this initial concept to paper in the form of a drawing or a sketch, often done in perspective, followed by creating a small scale model as a guide for fabricating the final work. The final step in the process involves cutting the steel into appropriate sizes and shapes, welding them together, grinding down the welds and then painting or polishing, depending on the material used. Each piece takes many hundreds of hours to go from the initial workings to the final product. The geometry, the symmetry, the asymmetry, the negative space, as well as the size of my sculptures create a dramatic and satisfying experience. Commissions accepted. Prices on request.

Monday, June 15, 2015


This is a commissioned piece celebrating the end of a medical career and the beginning of a new phase of life. It represents the balance and sensitivity of the individual involved and the years in which he pursued his remarkable career in an expanding group of physicians.

POINTING THE WAY (36 x 12 x 10)

An assemblage of 4 unique elements characterize this unique and dramatic stainless steel composition. pointing the way to what? to where?  It has its own intrinsic drama as a result of the multifaceted surfaces, its multiple forms and shapes. Its size allows it to be places indoors or outside.  Although none of the 4 components are alike, they integrate into a meaningful, contemplative structure.

THE FUTURE IS NOW (61 x 31 x 28)

Sleek, dynamic, multifaceted, streaking, reaching, multiple angles, shapes and sizes all describe this stainless steel creation. The title is apt since the pieces with their open and closed spaces, their bends and folds provoke a sense of the future. It is both quiet and powerful, hard and soft
 and is a symbol of now and the future.

SINUOUS (75 X 26 X 30)

A delicate flower with gently curving, gracious leaves and pistils reaching to the sky to get its sustenance. Sinuous represents beauty and renewal and will never fade. The delicately cut, formed and welded pieces have a sense of gentleness and serenity. The suffices sparkle in the sun, and its shadows appear mysterious.


This commissioned pieces is the 3-dimensional representation of the 2-dimensional logo of a financial planning group. It is a highly complex stainless steel sculpture composed of 2 different-sized interlocking truncated cones. In my mind, it is a representation of the wisdom and interrelationship of the founding partners and is a metaphor of the power of planning for the future.

HIDING SWAN (25 X 14 X 12)

A complex stainless steel composition of bent, cut and fabricated forms that appears as s a majestic swan hiding its head under its wings. It is at the same time both graceful and bursting with intrinsic energy in its open and closed spaces. Its reflective surface looks like rippling and agitated water.

INCLINED (23 x 12 x 10)

There are no vertical lines in this burnished stainless steel composition. It appears delicately balanced and can be perceived as an individual walking or running with grace and beauty. Opinions as to what is represents are different when viewed from different perspectives. It has feet of lightness and seems poised to move.

TOUCH POINT (27 1/2 x 11 x 81/2)

Three geometrically distinct shapes and sizes poised precariously and raising the question, "Will it fall?"  the answer by the artist is, "No."  The patterns of light and reflection produced a unique picture due to the various shapes and surfaces.  

EDGY (18 x 18 x 18)

Edgy because of the irregularly and unfinished margins of the cut suffices. Edgy because it looks precarious.  Edgy because it suggests a Chinese character in 3 dimensions. This stales feel composition unique and enticing.

PORPOISE (28 x 15 x 15)

The name speaks for itself.  A stainless steel creation with motion, grace and balance.

ABSTRACTION (23 x 12 x 12)

A playful piece whimsically cut from stainless steel, joined and balanced. It gives the appearance of asymmetry and tension, which is enhanced by its reflective surface, its multiplicity of shapes and its curves. Each view of it is different, simple and complex.

INTEGRATED (14 x 10 1/2 x 11 )

A small tabletop sculpture created using both mild and stainless steel.  Powerful in a small package, the sculpture expresses muted energy. The integration of the polished stainless steel with the matte finish of the mild steel enhances the powerful character of the piece.

Monday, August 25, 2014

VIKING  (55 x 17 x 17)

The distinctive shape of the Viking helmet with all its mystery and drama is what this piece has been titled. Its soaring, curved and upreaching segments tell a story of motion, a story of strength and a story of going to uncharted grounds. It has grace, movement and balance, and thus the name Viking.

ROLL OUT THE BARRELS  (37 x 17 x 16)

Fun! Run ! Fun ! Fun is beauty; beauty is fun. It should bring a smile to your face. There is a sense of motion and rhythm in the balancing and positioning of these two barrels. Entwined and interlocked; still and moving; just having fun!

REACHING FOR THE MOON  (48 x 24 x 19)

One in a series of celestial named pieces, this sculpture is a metaphor for mankind's goals of going beyond earth's boundaries. The past is what the present was a nanosecond ago. The sculpture represents a striving for the future, as well as what we have accomplished in the past. It gives a sense of hope, energy and goals for the future.


An arrow like a shaft piercing the ring (target) supported by a shaped and balanced base has an inner tension that is palpable. Delicacy but also strength characterizes this unique sculpture.

OUT FOR A WALK (30 x 16 x 11)

The title of this stainless steel sculpture speaks for itself. It lightly prances about creating an illusion of motion. Its balance, variegate shapes, polished surfaces and reflecting light are both whimsical and fun.

NOT MONDRIAN  (41 x 26 x 20)

There are no verticals or horizontals in this geometric composition cut from heavy gauge stainless steel. The linear shafts are intersecting comet pathways, and their tails are the multiple triangular shapes. One can sense and feel the drama that these interlocking segments create. The character dramatically changes with slight changes in the viewer's perspective.

NIKE  (60 x 40 x 16)

Futuristic figures contrived to move with minimal resistance are bold expressions of the Grecian idea of Nike. This indoor/outdoor piece moves in time and space - bold and stark, yet with gentle curves, rings and torsos brought together in this powerful statement.

GRASSES  (50 x 25 x 12)

A composition of shapes both smooth and ragged. It has etched, as well as polished surfaces much like sawgrass as it sprouts in the yard. The irregular and burnished surfaces result in a dappled character when in bright light. Like nature, each of the segments have a different style and shape.

ENGAGED  (44 x 10 x 12)

Slipping a ring over a graceful arced finger. It represents the beginning of the future with no boundaries. Arcs, rings and a cylinder are dramatically brought together to create this meaningful piece. It signifies strength, sensitivity and bonding as we move ahead.

BUTTERFLY  (51 x 24 x 12 )

A graceful, folding and unfolding piece. Beauty, motion and reflective surfaces characterize this composition. The use of shape creates open and closed spaces. Catch the butterfly from any direction, and you will see a very different picture but always one of grace and beauty.

BALANCED  (41 x 39 x 14)

Shimmering in light with variegated reflections, this dramatic composition is  balanced in a time warp as it rushes through space as part of a galactic drama. From every view what one sees is a balance between negative and positive space, as well as tension and quiet.

AMOEBA  (29 x 27 x 24)  

No continuity, no constant shape, irregular surfaces and irregular edges are what you see when you look at Amoeba under the microspcope. Working on and in the surfaces of the steel give a different message and sense when compared to more regular surfaces. A sense of change; a sense of age; a sense of continuation; a message from the past to the future.

ABSTRACTION  (19 x 43 x 11)

A fanciful creation of steel cut, etched, bent, welded and irregularly polished. Does everything have to have a name, a meaning or some profound message? This piece makes me feel good. I smile when I see it, and that makes me happy. I hope the viewer feels the same.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

FROM WHENCE IT COMES Stainless Steel  (12" x 13" x 44")

I know not! this dramatic creation combines simplicity with tension. Multiple contrasting geometric forms make a powerful statement - "From Whence It Comes" I know not!

YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE  Stainless Steel (20" x 20" x 17")

A whimsical piece that brings a smile to one's face. Reflective rings floating on irregularly sized shafts are united on a rectangular base. It is simultaneously light and airy, yet still and moving with much negative space adding to the drama and complexity.

RINGS AND THINGS  (17" x 14" x 32")

This sculpture started by cutting rings out of a solid piece of stainless steel. What was left behind was striking negatives.  Incorporating all the pieces resulted in a unique, enticing structure with interlocking and overlapping rings, arcs and cut rectangles. All mingled to yield a dramatic and powerful, fluid and organic piece.

MOUNTAINSCAPE  Stainless Steel (19" x 7" x 16")

Peaks and valleys created between towering mountains and hillock. Multiple shadows are present. As a result, the placement of the steel allows the bright reflective surfaces to create a dazzling landscape.

SPIRES (19" x 7" x 51") Oxidized Mild and Stainless Steel

This unique creation contrasts highly polished stainless steel with a polychromed appearance of the superoxidized mild steel. It is the cityscape of the future. It is meant to raise many questions and give many answers. I think it does.

GEOMETRY Stainless Steel  (31" x 25" x 15")

Rings, circles, triangles, tubes and arcs are combined to make this enticing construction. no matter which way you approach this piece, you see a different combination of geometric shapes, different open and closed spaces and different reflective surfaces. The surfaces appear to change with different angles and intensity of light.

MOON RISE (37" x 14" 40")  Stainless Steel on a marble base

As the moon transits its orbit, it rises into the sky from the horizon. the sculpture catches this in an abstract fashion with sequential discs rising into the sky and a portrayal of the orbital path. Its reflective steel has dramatic open and closed spaces with a continuous sense of motion.

THRU AND THRU (23" x 27" x 66") Stainless steel on a marble base

Do the double arcs go through the triangular central portion? Observe carefully and make your decision.  This flowing, arcing, balanced piece seems to be balanced on a single point in spite of its dynamic appearance. Strength, fluidity and dramatic stilled motion are simultaneously present.

THREE LEAF CLOVER  Stainless Steel (21" x 11" x 44")

The name is given after the piece is created. What does it remind you of? To me, it is a clover leaf in blades of grass. Its organic feel, its irregular margins, its bent and twisted forms are like nature responding to gusts of wind. Fortunately, this requires one's imagination - no fertilizer; no watering!

ICONS (28" x 44" x 22")   Simplicity personified! Polished spires, aboriginal staffs, open and closed spaces, irregular shapes and geometry are brought together to create a finished piece that has motion, quietude and a sense of momentary rest.

SPRINGTIME (19" x 15" 51") Stainless steel on a granite base.

A whimsical piece with irregular edges and a surface juxtaposed with regular and geometric foams. An early blossom; an unopened bulb; blades of saw grass. This composition brings with it energy, growth, renewal and beauty.

REACHING TO THE SUN (15" x 31" x 60")  

Arms thrust upward beseeching, questioning, enticing. The polished and patterned reflective surface changes its character with changes in lighting, as well as when one changes one's position. The power of the piece is intrinsic to the design.

ECLIPSE  (30" x 8" x 31")
As the moon arcs through the sky, it blocks the surfaces of the sun such that a shadow appears asymmetrically placed. All the elements are present in this polished stainless steel piece. Motion, reflectivity and shadows  are manifest.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

FLOWERS (92" x 44" x 3")

A dramatic stainless steel outdoor piece that rises eight feet. this fanciful creation is an awakening flower reaching, undulating, bending, capturing and giving energy as it thrusts its stems toward the sun. Dynamic tension, curving lines and worked steel characterize this unique piece.

TWO-THREE-FOUR (26" x 15" x 13')

Two-Three-Four are the number of triangles that are used to create this piece, which is balanced in such a way that it can readily spin when gently pushed. Although it appears to be of a great mass of steel, each of the three segments is hollow. The curvilinear base with its central balance point allows for the motion. It is light and heavy, bright and reflective, smooth and angular.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

KATSINA  (26" x 20" x 5")  Stainless Steel

A Katsina is a Pueblo Indian spiritual being, which personifies all aspects of life. It is often represented as a doll or a dancing figure.  The curved, arching steel, the semicircular disc and the half and quarter moon niches in the upright shaft are features seen in Katsinas and artistic representations of them.

UNFOLDING   (22" x 13" x 10")

A strong statement is made by this small stainless steel piece. this could readily be transformed into a co commissioned outdoor sculpture. Although it appears as a simple form, it is a complex composition of sides, angles and planes, which catch and reflect ambient light. its character is different from every point of observation.

SEA GRASS  Stainless steel (25" x 25" x 10")  A whimsical piece suggesting sea grass (sea weed) bending, waving and reflecting light in a tidal pool this piece has found a home in Florida overlooking the Gulf of Mexico; it brings the presence of that body of water into the residence.

ROCKING HORSE   (25" x 23" x 18")

The balance on this sculpture is such that lightly pushing down on any of the upper surfaces will result in a rocking of this horse. The stainless steel is cut, shaped, welded and polished to produce the unusual feature of this enticing piece.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CREATION  This stainless steel sculpture ( 19" x 47" x 15") is composed of an interplay of geometric foams - arcs, planes, circles, discs, rings, open and closed circles. The resulting composition appears dramatically different in different lights because of the variety of reflecting surfaces and shapes. Although still, it has a sense of motion and dynamic energy. Are they orbiting planets? Is this the solar system? Is it creation?

TOTEM  is a 10 foot painted mild steel sculpture demonstrating that symbolism and symbols are present in all societies. This dramatic sculpture incorporates bold colors and design. As the name implies, it is a piece of reverence, power and mystery.

PERCEPTION  Each person looking at a piece of art has a different perception of what they are seeing. I see in this 13 foot stainless steel piece a sense of muted energy and power. Its rings are encompassing, and yet the arcs reach out into space. The balance of negative and positive space is magnified and exaggerated by the cantilever of the main start. In the sun it radiates some of its internal energy.

SIMPLICITY  With its graceful lines, graceful arc and graceful rings, the 21" x 14" x 9" stainless feel piece exudes smile beauty and strength. Although it is a small sculpture, it makes a significant statement.

SYMPHONY  A whimsical piece whose reflective surfaces with rings, planes, circles and a shaft ( a G Clef? notes? a baton) speak of the dynamic tension between open and closed spaces. The result is an explosion with a sense of energy and motion. (43" x 23" x 25")

EMBRACING  (46" x 25" x 12")

This oxidized mild steel and stainless steel piece  fascinates the eye and the imagination with its lines, shapes and contrasts. the enveloping arms reach out to each other and yet are constrained and united by the encompassing ring of stainless steel. It is both powerful and sensitive at the same time. It is a piece of passion.